February 22, 2015

Pastors and friends:

Of all the music groups we have hosted, none have ministered Jesus as purely as “Sounds of Joy”. Their music and testimonies come from the heart. It is obvious they are driven by a passionate love for the Lord Jesus.

Each time they come, we are blessed with testimonies that are genuine and speak from the struggles they have encountered not just the triumphs they have won. These ladies always come prepared Spiritually to minister, not entertain. However, their overall performance is a delight and upbeat. They leave us, each time, with a sense of hope that we can make it, wonderfully, in our journey with Jesus.

I heartily recommend “Sounds of Joy” to any church that lifts up the Lord Jesus. You should never be disappointed in the music they sing nor in the testimonies they share. Prepare yourself for a joyful, Christ exalting ministry.

I am, sincerely yours and Eternally His,

J. David Toler, Pastor

South Ocala Baptist Church

June 21, 2014

This letter concerns the musical group called “The Sounds of Joy”. It consists of a husband and wife, Gary and Jennifer Bennett, and two sisters, Tina Solero and Susie Fister.

I have known Susie and Tina since they were young girls growing up in the church that my husband, James Randall Watson, and I pastored for thirty-one years. When I accepted the position of music director at Living Waters Worship Center, both girls joined my choir. They were not only good singers, they were faithful and committed to the entire music program. Any time they were called upon, they responded with great attitudes and gave the project their complete attention.

My husband and Gary were in the same church as young men and both experienced the call of God into ministry. When Jennifer married Gary, the two combined their talents and purposed in their hearts to follow wherever the Lord would lead.

These four young people have meshed their lives and musical abilities and are involved in full time ministry. Gary is the manager and sound man. The three girls sing with beautiful harmony and in every way present Jesus Christ as the Savior and soon coming King.

I recommend “The Sounds of Joy” to you without any reservations. Their music and testimonies will bless you and your congregation. They will leave you encouraged in your Christian walk, and they will inspire you to draw closer to the Lord.


C.Annette Watson, Ordained Minister

Church of God, Cleveland Tennessee